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Thanks to the lip filler, having plumper, natural and fascinating lips are quite easy in Istanbul – Turkey. 

What is lip filler?

Lip filler; is a procedure to have fuller, aesthetic, and natural lips. It is generally aimed to add volume to the lips with hyaluronic acid-based injections. Although there are many types of dermal filler materials, hyaluronic acid fillers are among the most preferred one because of their low complication rates. Beautiful lips signify youth, health, and sexual attraction. Thanks to aesthetics, it is possible to have curvy lips suitable for the golden ratio.


How does lip fillers work?

In lip augmentation procedures, the doctor will first evaluate your facial appearance and skin tone. Then they will proceed with examining the areas of your face to be enlarged. Strategic points on your face can be marked as suitable injection sites for lip injection. At the same time, pictures of the areas to be treated can be taken. Then, injection sites will be cleaned with an antibacterial agent. Although the procedure is not painless, pain is generally easily tolerated. The lip injection usually takes only a few minutes per square centimeter. After that, the evaluation process is carried out and additional filler is added as needed. Depending on the number of areas, the entire process can be as short as 15 minutes.

How much does lip fillers cost in Istanbul - Turkey?

Has anyone wondered about lip augmentation by themselves? “How much does lip filler cost in Istanbul?”. Well, the cost of a lip augmentation procedure generally depends on the experience of staff, product quality, location, and syringe amount. The average cost of lip filler injections in Dr. Cigdem Ozden’s Clinic Istanbul depends on the products such as Juvederm, Teosyal, or Restylane. However, some patients might wanna have a fuller and plump look, which will require additional filler syringes. Thus, the lip filler cost will be a little bit more. Contact us for price and detailed information.

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How long does lip filler last?

The lasting duration of lip fillers depends on the substance used and the age of the patient. Lip filler lasts 9-12 months on the average patient. The lasting of lip fillers can be enhanced by the skincare routine.

Are lip fillers painful in Istanbul?

The pain may vary according to the medical expertise and experience of the doctor. At the same time, pain endurance plays a crucial role. The lips are very delicate and without an anesthetic that contains lidocaine or numbing gel, the drilling process will definitely feel like a sharp pinch. Anesthetic injection or numbing cream should be used for reducing pain.

Can we see instant results?

Generally, after the lip filler procedure, there is a little swelling on the lips. The application of ice both removes the possibility of wound or bruising and provides the reduction of swelling. Approximately 24 hours after the lip augmentation procedure, the filler settles down into its place and you can see the result of the procedure.

Lip Filler Recovery Period

You may observe some swelling on your lips after the procedure. Also, there might be some small red spots where the needles are injected.


Bruising is another common side effect that can last for about a week. At the same time, your lips may feel different after the procedure due to the presence of filler.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Lip Augmentation


Getting lip injections in Istanbul – Atasehir

lip filler

Actually, lip augmentation procedure complication rates are very low if it is carried out by experienced physicians. Moreover, using FDA-approved fillers in Istanbul is important too. Most doctors prefer hyaluronic acid-based fillers to collagen-based fillers due to their long-lasting effect and lower complication rates.


There is a 1-3% chance of an allergic reaction with collagen-based fillers. However, the rate of allergic reactions in hyaluronic acid-based fillers is extremely rare. Another advantage of HA-based fillings is that they can be extracted back in cases where the patient is not satisfied or complications are seen. In conclusion, in a situation where any complication occurs, the filler can be instantly removed from the lips.

It can be applied to those whose lips are structurally thin or whose lip plumpness has decreased with age. It can even be applied especially to people who want a moist refreshed look on the lips. Lip fillers instantly corrects this loss of fullness and makes a noticeable difference.

You can return to daily life immediately after the procedure. It is necessary to avoid exercise for 24 to 48 hours after the filler is applied. Otherwise, exercise can make the swelling or bruising worse. It is necessary to avoid making up lips for up to 24 hours. At the same time, it is necessary to stay away from hot applications such as a sauna and Turkish bath for a while after the treatment.


In addition to that, staying hydrated after the procedure prolongs the healing process. Another factor that speeds up recovery is to stopping alcohol and smoking for 48 hours. If lip filler is applied for the first time, a complementary application may be required after two weeks.

Generally, health insurances do not cover lip augmentation procedures. Therefore, you may need to talk to your insurance provider about payment plans.

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